Tuesday, January 5, 2010

heading in the right direction

I had a great day yesterday. I wasn't called in to substitute at school. It would have been a very bad sign if I had been called in on the first day back after the vacation, but then again, our school district is somewhat less than stellar.

I started my day with a 20 minute yoga workout. I love this dvd. It is divided into 20 minute segments and while it could be said to be not for the purist, it works for me. It is approachable, and doable. It is geared at moving fairly quickly from pose to pose, rather than holding poses for a really long time. I did the "power weight loss" segment, and I tell you, I was sweating like a man by the end.

Then I did the BL cardio workout, level one. I am getting so much better at this, but there are still things I just can't do. I have plenty of boobage, and jumping that imaginary rope, with me coming down, while they are still going up, is just not going to work. So I do the low impact version and that's ok.

I cleaned the house, cleaned the fridge and even did the downstairs beer fridge. I chucked out the humongous red velvet cake that a friend had given us, that had a colossal amount of frosting that was sitting in there, doing no one any good. The amount of red food coloring that must have been in that thing just boggles the mind. I don't know why it is, but even though the cake was just gross, it still called out. It's gone, and I feel so much better.

I planned our meals for the week, and did the shopping. Then I took the Giz out for his walk. We just had a lovely time. It felt good to be on top of things, and facing in the right direction. Clean house, clean food and plenty of exercise.

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  1. When your head's really in the right place and you're really, really ready for the challenge, this journey really isn't all that tough. And once you start enjoying some success, your body will even start cooperating more and make your workouts even more effective and efficient.

    You're doing great. Keep it up!