Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This (apart from all the personal stuff) is why it's important

I have four daughters, aged from 14 up to 20, who are the lights of my life. Three are my biological children and one is my step-daughter, so in fact I do have two seventeen year olds who are not twins.  My fight for a healthy weight and lifestyle has as much to do with them as it does with me, and yesterday, I was reminded, again, just how important the example that we set for them really is.

One of the girls has a light schedule at school this year so she comes home before leaving after lunch for her job. Every day, she was lying around on the couch, sleeping and watching tv, and then complaining about how tired she was. I suggested getting out and going for a walk, but that went down like a lead fart, I can tell you.

Yesterday, I was carrying a load of laundry down to the basement, and there, in the basement lounge, was Em, giving the BL cardio Dvd her very best. She was really going for it, and I just called out, "I'm really proud of you". She paused the DVD and said, "we are all so proud of you. You have made this a habit, and healthy eating a habit, and it's because of YOU that we know what to do, and why it's so important." Then she added, "I feel so much better if I exercise hard instead of lying about,  so I'm going to do something every day".

Yay! Yay Yay Yay!! I just can't tell you how happy it made me.

So, while I struggle to beat the scale for myself, I know that I am winning other battles - really important ones.

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