Saturday, January 2, 2010

me and my lazy dog

I have heard that having a dog is a great tool for health and fitness. Whoever wrote that obviously hasn't met my dog. He isn't the one panting at the door, guilting me into going out into the cold for a long and invigorating walk. No. He is the one lying semi-comatose on the couch, acting as if he has never heard the word "walk".

Yesterday, the new year dawned gray and cold. It wasn't windy, frigid or snowing but rather just kind of cold and depressing. I did my biggest loser cardio routine, but I still wanted to get out and get some fresh air. I mentioned this plan to Gizmo, who looked at me as if I were completely and utterly barking mad. I think that if he had a voice he would sound a bit like Stewie - "What? in this weather? woman, you have departed whatever senses you ever had". I left it for a little bit but then my beloved husband came down and told that dog that he was going for a walk, so I went too.

The minute we got out, Gizmo's demeanor changed. He got right into it. He certainly stopped to pee on quite a few bushes, but otherwise, he trotted along with his head held proudly. At the end of our 40 minute brisk walk, everyone felt better. Cold, pink cheeks (me, not the dog) warm hands and a feeling of having done well.

It just goes to show. Showing up and getting out there is most of the battle. When we just put all our wimpy excuses aside, get out there and do it, we usually end up feeling great.

No more excuses! My new mantra.

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